My work with researchers at the Human-Computer Interaction lab at the Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan explores the motivational factors of games. While some of our results showed positive effects on encouraging respondents to provide more data, other research highlighted the importance of matching the core research task with the game design to ensure its success. We designed three novel methodologies to yield measurable insight into previously unachievable aspects of branding: unconscious brand associations, overall campaign strength, and speed of message uptake.


Our team won Best Paper at the 2013 First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications at University of Waterloo.  We also have published a chapter on our research in the book Gamification in Education and Business published by Springer and edited by Torsten Reiners and Lincoln Wood (2015), and a feature article on the results of our research was included in the December 2013 issue of Vue Magazine.

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